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“In just about every relationship, (passion) is eventually going to die down.” (Shutterstock)


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It used to be impossible for you to keep your hands off each other.

But a couple of kids, a mortgage and thirty pounds later, it’s now impossible for you keep your eyes open during CSI: Miami.

The sexual urgency that couples experience in the honeymoon stages of their relationships tend to take a dramatic dive once comfort and routine take hold.

“In just about every relationship, (passion) is eventually going to die down,” says Vancouver sex therapist and couples counselor Dr. Teesha Morgan. “Usually within one to three years or so, couples start to see that decrease. That’s perfectly normal and healthy. There’s obviously a difference between quantity and quality.”

But does being in a loving, long-term and happily committed couple need to spell the end of an awesome, high-octane sex life?

Definitely not, according to Mikey Singer, Show Manager of the Everything To Do With Sex Show, which kicks off in Toronto today. The show features sex seminars, vendors of everything from lingerie to fetish gear, porn stars, firefighters, body painters and other stuff of fun and fantasy.

“A show like ours gives people ideas to get the motor running again,” Singer says.

Carlyle Jansen, founder of Good For Her will be running a few seminars at the Sex Show, including the ever-popular “Sensational Oral Sex.”

“The spark does not usually continue to ignite itself,” says Jansen. “We have to keep romancing, seducing our partner, feeding ourselves and our relationships. We need to rediscover our partner over and over. My best lovers have been ones who made love to me each time like it was the first time. It doesn’t hurt to have a few new tricks to try!”

It also helps to discover options you didn’t even know existed. One vibrator being sold at the show is We-Vibe, for example, is a toy created for couples to enjoy together.

“The We-Vibe is hands-free, which helps to promote intimacy and a total body connection,” says spokesperson Leon Benz. “It’s a non-intimidating way for couples to expand their sex life together.”

For more, well, public couples, there’s The Oasis Aqualounge, Toronto’s clothing-optional water-themed adult playground where owner Toni Johnston says that couples can explore their sexuality without worry.

“We boast two fully-licensed bars, a heated outdoor pool open year round, full spa facilities with a ten man/woman hot tub, a steam room, dry sauna, showers”¦and a variety of fun and exciting play areas throughout the club,” Johnson says.

But whether or not you’re open to introducing a new toy, lubricant, costume or even lifestyle into the mix, there’s one golden key to having a fantastic sex life.

“Open and honest communication is the most important,” says Dr. Morgan. “Having an amazing sex life starts with being honest with yourself and then being honest with your partner. Because without honesty, there’s really nothing. One of the number one things that separates successful relationships from unsuccessful ones is how hard you’re willing to work at your relationship. Putting in that effort and being open and honest with your partner can be the best combination for having a happy and healthy long-lasting sex life.”

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