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I date nerds.

Almost exclusively, in fact. Most of the make-outs sessions that I have had in my life have been on beds with countless comic books stored in milk crates underneath them. There has rarely been a boy closet lacking a Red Robot or Superman T-shirt, crumpled and sweaty in the hamper.

They say that opposites attract, but when I consider my own romantic history, I find that hard to believe. Perhaps it’s for the same reason that so many doctors marry doctors, and why so many lawyers marry lawyers; we have habits and schedules and hobbies that outsiders cannot entirely accept. We understand each other perfectly.

Red and Jonny are two nerds in love. The pair are known for taking countless photos of themselves sporting the Stormtrooper helmets that they purchased on their honeymoon. Red didn’t discover Star Wars until she and Jonny – already a die-hard fan – watched the film together. She loved it. And Jonny felt comfortable about unveiling his obsession.

“When we moved in together, I kept my Star Wars collection hidden in boxes,” recalls Jonny. “When I showed her what was in the boxes she completely flipped out! She started unpacking all the boxes and putting all of her favourite stuff all over the house.”

So why specifically might nerds fall for other nerds?

According to Ottawa psycholgist Dr. Eva Fisher of, it’s a comfort zone. “When people fall in love, they fall in love with the person about whom they often say, ‘I feel like I’ve known them all my life. I feel so comfortable with them.’ They relate to them and they almost feel like there’s a union. Like two become one.”

“I didn’t consciously set out to date other nerds but that’s definitely been an underlying theme,” says Nicole R, who is the founder of Nerd Girl Pin-ups. Nicole’s boyfriend, George, works in a comic book store in Toronto. “I’m attracted to intelligence.”

“To be called a nerd or a geek, you need to be so passionate about something that it borders on obsession and madness,” Jonny says. “And that’s key to a relationship – you have never been so excited, had so many ideas and so much to do. When you do find your other… it’s like discovering your superpower.”

For Canadian nerds, Fan Expo Canada (starting today through to August 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre) is their wonderland – and for some, the nerd equivalent of a singles bar. Organizers have cottoned on that nerds like dating other nerds, so this year, they will be debuting a speed dating event. Sounds even more awesome than meeting in an IRC-based chat room!

Although Red and Jonny met through mutual friends, the pair think the addition of a speed-dating component to Fan Expo is a great idea.

“You should take every opportunity to find your other,” Jonny says. “Don’t be shy about trying something you normally wouldn’t. Do something a bit crazy, open yourselves up and if you’re having fun, you’re on the right track. Remember — they’re out there looking for you, too.”

And just in case Fan Expo Canada Speed Dating isn’t specific enough, the dating events are broken down into different categories of interest: sci-fi, comics, horror and anime.

It makes so much sense that nerds of a feather would flock together.

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