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For years now, Chris has felt like he’s gotten the short end of the stick.

“My favourite was when a woman messaged me on a dating site, started flirting with me, and then wrote “Oh $#!@, I just read your profile more closely, you’re WAY too short for me!’ and then went silent.”

Chris is a respectable 5’7″. But like many men who fall short of fairly tall, Chris feels that his height is a detriment in the world of dating.

“Everyone’s allowed to be attracted to whatever they’re attracted to,” Chris says. “If women are attracted to taller men, so be it. What I hate is when they put ‘must be over 5’10″‘ on their online dating profiles or have rules about height. I’m usually attracted to chesty brunettes, but won’t impose a rule on myself that locks out girls that aren’t that.”

Eligible single babe Arianne Young (who is 5’7″) generally doesn’t date men under six feet tall.

“Most of it comes from a lifelong insecurity of not feeling like a girl since I’ve always been one of the guys,” says Young. “If he has to go on his tippy-toes to kiss me goodnight, it just doesn’t feel right.”

She comes from a tall family, which also plays a role in her preference for taller man.

“I find a certain comfort in a man being larger than I am,” Young says. “My father is 6’4″ and … he raised my brother and I. I’m sure I associate someone who can protect me and love me with someone that much taller than I am.”

But don’t get discouraged, men-of-lesser-heights. There are women out there who appreciate you for the exact height that you are. So for heaven’s sake, don’t lie about it!

Rachel, who is exactly five feet tall, needs a man closer to her own height.

“I noticed that on OKCupid that everyone was really tall,” she says. “I was genuinely annoyed that every single guy was around 5’11” to 6’2″ and I was really pleased to see a guy that looked cool and was more my height.”

When Rachel met up with her supposedly 5’6″ date in person, she noticed he was a good five inches shorter.

“It didn’t take long for me to notice there is no way he is 5’6″, but it didn’t really bother me. I wish I could say I didn’t know why he embellished but I can imagine that it’s a tough market for short guys.”

“It’s kind of unfair,” says Alan Au, of clothing store Jimmy Au’s For Men 5’8″ And Under. “You could be missing out on a really good guy just because he’s not tall enough.”

So what is Au’s advice to the shorter-than-average male?

“Dressing well and having a good personality makes up a lot.”

Chris notes that he’s even felt compelled to go the extra mile to compensate for his height.

“I generally try to out-smooth other, taller guys,” he readily admits. “Have a better sense of humour, be well read and well spoken.”

Kathryn is 5’10’ and had a self-imposed “5’11 or taller” rule for dating guys. In fact, her online dating settings would automatically filter out anyone who admitted to being shorter than her.

“I definitely subscribed to the notion that a man should be taller than a woman,” she says.

That all changed when she met her current boyfriend the old-fashioned way.

“I was so immediately and intensely drawn to him, it took days before I noticed he was an inch or so shorter than me. It didn’t and doesn’t matter in the least.”

Kathryn now thinks of the height restriction thing as being foolish.

“He’s all kinds of wonderful I didn’t know to seek. I’ve realized a lot of the things I thought were important, like not being taller than my partner, are not.”

Long story short? If you’ve been searching high and low for Mr. Right, maybe it’s a good idea to look even lower. He may be right under your nose.

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