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As evidenced by the recent Canadian election, political differences can get us all a little bit hot under the collar. But can it also get us all hot and bothered?

When it comes to politics, Kate tends to lean to the left. At election time, her parties of choice are Liberal and NDP. But her on-again, off-again boyfriend perpetually votes in shades of blue.

“He’s Conservative and very committed and passionate (about it),�? says Kate. “He volunteers and is very involved and informed.�?

But instead of this being a contentious issue, Kate finds their differences compelling. Even sexy.

“I found it extremely hot and exciting,�? she admits. “In my previous relationships, the sameness about that stuff had been nice, but unable to provide the kind of intellectual tension I like. I’ve never considered (differences in political affiliation) a problem and I felt enriched by it, and like it was an exciting, sexy thing.�?

While Kate and her boyfriend agree on a lot of crucial issues, they also tend to argue constantly.

“Our very different personalities, perspectives, backgrounds and interests all contribute to that tension I mentioned before, which is good for sex, of course.�?

It’s no surprise that arguments about important issues can augment a romantic relationship. Not only does it keep the two of you on your toes and attuned to each other’s opinions and needs, but elevated blood pressure, quicker heart rates and rushes of adrenaline can frequently lead to some pretty intense sexy-times.

Sure, political differences can heat up a relationship in the short-term, but are couples with disparate political views ever really sustainable for the long run? Absolutely, according to Neil Morton, editor-in-chief of 2: The Source for Couples online magazine.

“Unless you’re a clone couple who never fights or has debates about anything, then it should absolutely not be a marital issue having different political affiliations,�? Morton says.

“In fact, it can be a healthy thing in a relationship to have debates about anything from politics to household chores. It keeps things interesting, keeps the spice in your relationship. At the end of the day, you can agree to disagree, but you still have to hold true to your individual beliefs. Heck, you can even have two signs on your lawn, one NDP, one Conservative.�?

Joyce and her husband are a testament to this. Joyce considers herself a progressive Conservative. Her spouse is a loyal Liberal. They argue on a weekly basis. The pair has been happily married for 36 years.

“We are tolerant of each other’s differences,�? Joyce says. “You can vote differently and yet have a lot in common.�?

Instead of having two different campaign signs on their front lawn, the pair reached an agreement that neither would put up a sign.

Nadine and Eddy can also agree to disagree. The recently engaged couple is at loggerheads when it comes to their political views (he’s a Conservative and she supports the NDP), but they find it augments their relationship more than anything.

“While we don’t share the same opinion on certain topics, we can generally still understand each other’s perspectives…I think the key to our relationship is more about how we approach our differences.

“We both enjoy working together to solve problems and finding new approaches to everything from dishwashing or financial issues and that’s what makes it work. Having some different opinions and beliefs keeps things interesting.�?

The final happy bonus to dating and marrying outside of one’s political sphere? At least one of you is pleased with the election results.

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