Psychedelic Cowboy Rides Off –

Lee Hazlewood didn’t give a damn. He never concerned himself with pleasing critics, following convention or satiating record executives. While best known for penning the Nancy Sinatra hit “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” he was an influential and multi-faceted force in the music industry. Hazlewood was a disc jockey, production pioneer, songwriter, record label manager and singer; the cowboy wore a lot of hats in his day. Hazlewood was an iconoclast who consistently defied categorisation, crafting exuberant orchestral pop, hauntingly ethereal ballads, guttural surf and gothic country gems. In his vast catalogue of music, he cast himself as a wanderer, a rambling man, a comedian, a tough guy, a poet, a deadbeat, a heartbroken fool and a hero. The man himself was any number of these or none; his mystique was always part of his charm.


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